Ready! API Installation Overview

Ready! API is a cross-platform product that can run on Windows, Mac or Linux/Unix, according to your needs and preferences.


Find the download links for Ready! API on our web site: Downloads.

Binary installers are available for Windows, Linux and OS X.

Before Installing

Before installing the product, review the System Requirements.


To run Ready! API, you will need either a Ready! API trial license or a commercial Pro license for one or all of the Ready! API tools (SoapUI NG, LoadUI NG, Secure, ServiceV). Using a Pro license for one of the tools enables basic functionality of other tools.

Ready! API will ask you to activate your license when you run the product for the first time.

For current Ready! API users:

  • If you have an active license of Ready! API, you do not need to activate a new license.
  • VirtServer requires a separate license.

Installation Steps

Ready! API Installation

Learn about installing Ready! API and its tools: SoapUI NG, LoadUI NG, Secure, ServiceV. Read more...

VirtServer Installation

VirtServer uses a separate installation package from Ready! API. Read more...

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