Using Inferred Schemas

When a schema has been inferred it is available in the Schema tab in the response window:

Inferred interface

The schema can also be added to the service interface and become part of your service definition.

Definition Content

The definition view is available on the Interface Level in Projects:


  • Select the Service Interface in the Navigator

The WADL Content tab shows the current definition:


The content tab lists the available Resources, Methods, and Representations, and the WADL content:

WADL Content

  • Click Recreate WADL

The inferred schema is added as a separate tab in the content window:


The Resources, Methods and Representations are added to the list, and schema content is shown in the corresponding tab:

XSD Content

Schema Operations

Inferred schemas can be used just like manually created ones. This means that you can use them in assertions to validate your responses. You can export them together with the generated WADL for distribution, or use them with code-generating tools. You can also use them to generate HTML documentation for your service.

For more information, see WADL Content Editor.

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