2. Running the Created Load Test

By default, a newly created load test uses the template configuration you selected.

Default Load Profile Parameters

For now, we will leave the default values of the test's load type and load profile parameters and configure only the test duration. Enter 1 in the load time field:

Test Duration Limit

The results of the first seconds do not properly reflect how the server responds to requests, since it takes some time to start the required processes. To avoid recording these results, we will specify test warm-up time.
Click anywhere in the Scenarios panel to open the Load Test editor. In the Warm-up Time field, enter 5 seconds.

Warm-up Time

Click Run to run the test.

The test run goes without user interaction. LoadUI NG simulates test steps of the underlying SoapUI NG test case (you can see its name in the Target section in the Editor). It sends requests to the target web service and gets responses. After starting the test, you see the test results. LoadUI displays the results both during the test run and when the test run is over.

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