LoadUI NG Licenses

LoadUI NG is a part of Ready! API and is available to all users of the product.

Base LoadUI NG functionality is available for free to any user who has a license for any tool of Ready! API (for instance, base load testing features are available for the SoapUI NG Pro users).

Pro licenses allow you to take advantage of all the features of LoadUI NG.

For information on differences between the licenses, see below.

Licensing Virtual Users

Each LoadUI NG license determines the maximum number of simultaneous virtual users that your load tests can simulate:

License VUs
Base 10
Pro Trial 25
Pro commercial licenses 250, 1000 and more
(Depends in the license. See license
offerings on the SmartBear web site).

If your tests tries simulating more concurrent virtual users than your license supports, LoadUI NG puts the “extra” virtual users in a queue and simulates them only when the license allows. If you experience this behavior, consider upgrading your license to another license that supports a greater number of simultaneous virtual users.

Difference Between Base And Pro Licenses

Base Pro
Simultaneous VUs Only 10 250 and more (depends on the license)
Simultaneous scenarios Available Available
Assertions Only the following metrics:
* Test Scenario: Failures - Total
* Test Target: Throughput - TPS
* Test Target: Time Taken - Max
* Test Target: Time Taken - Median
* TestStep: Failed - Total
* TestStep: TimeTaken - Max
* TestStep: TimeTaken - Median
* TestStep: Transactions - Total
Simulated load profiles All, except for Ramp Sequence and Random All
Server monitoring Absent Available
Statistics page Absent Available
Exporting test results The Execution Notables section is absent from printable reports All features
Distributed tests Absent Available

Limitations Of LoadUI NG Pro Trial License

LoadUI NG Pro Trial license includes all features of Pro licenses.

  • A load test can run for 5 minutes maximum.
  • A load test is limited to 25 simulated VUs.
  • You can only export up to 20% of gathered statistics.

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