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Ready! API provides three types of reports which can be generated from inside the UI at Project, TestSuite, TestCase, Security Test and Load Test level:

  1. Printable Reports - Can be printed or saved as PDF, HTML, RTF, Excel, and so on and are fully customizable on both global and project level, allowing you to create and customize any kind of report you may require.
  2. Data Export - Allows export of underlying report-data in XML and csv format. This is useful if you want to import report data into other tools for custom reporting or integrations.
  3. HTML Reports - Give a simplified overview of functional test results in HTML format (not available at LoadTest level).

You can easily include any desired data in generated reports since you can export custom data in both Printable and Data Export Reports via the SubReport DataSink. Furthermore, all reports can be created both from within the tool (as described below) and from the Command Line.

Note: Reports use some of Microsoft core fonts. Not all Linux installations include these fonts. If you have issues with creating reports, install the mscorefonts package applicable for your Linux distributive, and then copy TTF files from /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts to the {Ready API Installation}/jre/lib/fonts directory.

Make sure to specify the {Ready API Installation}/bin/reports directory in the Custom Reports Library field of the File | Preferences | Ready! API window.

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Preferences contains a great number of settings and customizations for various features and tools in Ready! API.

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A number of Ready! API components are placed in different directories.

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