2. Create a Data Source

When we have a project containing the test case, we can add a data source.

Data Source

The test case contains one REST Request test step, which will use the data source.


First, we add the data source:

  • Click Add Data Source in the test case toolbar.
    Add Data Source Test Step
  • Enter a name for the data source.

Do not Add a Loop Right Now

Since data sources are mostly useful together with a loop (otherwise you'll only get one data item), Ready! API will suggest that you also add a Data Source Loop to your test case.

Step Name

Note: Normally, we would do this right away, but for the purposes of this tutorial, we will add the loop later to keep things a bit separate.

  • Click No (but do not select Don't show again).

The Data Source test step is created:


Double click the data source to open it. Then, specify the data source type:

  • Open the Data Source Type dropdown.
    Select Type
  • Select Grid.
    Type Selected
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